What is Human Psychology? (Explained)

Human mind is a complex machine that continusely works in developing human responses. What is Human Psychology can be answered simply as the science of developing behavior against changes. (Positive and negative) 

The nature of human mind to search, find answers, and develop responses is its typical characteristic. Human psychology is a deep subject that leads into many rabbit holes of questions.

The psychology of humans varies from individuals to individuals. It is mainly because of their personal experiences.

This short article will explore human psychology from different simple perspectives.

So, let dive in..

What is Human Psychology? The Science of Human Behavior

As said human mind is a tricky and complex working system. It observes, thinks and develop different behavioral patterns.

Individuals react and act according to these mental interpretations. Human behaviors developed as a result of these psychologies have rational and irrational answers.

What are the 4 Types of Human Behavior?

Human behaviors are very important to understand. These will help different professionals to create better and optimum solutions for individuals, groups and society.

After studying thoroughly into what types of human behaviors could be. Psychologists categorized them into four main types.

Here they are:

  • Optimistic (hopeful & confident)
  • Pessimistic (negative & cynical)
  • Trusting (trustful)
  • Envious (jealous & resentful)

All these behaviors have their own characteristics that mostly defines any person.

What is an Example of Human Psychology?

Humans display various psychological behaviors everyday. The best examples of individuals psychology can be seen through the four categories of behaviors.

Pessimistic, optimistic, trustful and envious behaviors are displayed as a response to interactions between people.

You smile when you meet certain people whom you like and trust. Your behavior may change while meeting someone pessimistic in approach.

Final Words 

Human psychology is a complete discpline that offers unimaginable perspectives of understanding the mind.

Behavioral patterns becomes much easier when analyzed through the four categories of human behaviors. But still human psychology relays on changing experiences and interactions.

Individuals develop their personal psychologies based on these experiences. They develop responses and actions accordingly in matters of daily life.

Written by Adil Masood Qazi