Window Curtains For Living Room I What You Should Know

We all love when our family and friends admire our taste of home decor. There are number of ways we can make our home attractive and stylish. We bring comfort, luxury and style through many ways of decorating. Out of all the rooms we keep special focus in making the living room look the best. Window curtains for living room are one the great ways to make living room space look stylish.

Let us dig into various ways window curtains for living room can make a difference!

Window Curtains For Living Room  – What You Should Know

Dressing windows with curtains are an essential part of room decor. You just can’t leave the windows just like that don’t you. Interior designers window curtains in a variety of creative and stylish ways. Living room in a house is an important place. It has to be comfortable, relaxing and stylish.

Window curtains for living room are therefore chosen carefully. In this interesting short article we will explore different ways window curtains can become part of creating the environment.

What Window Curtains For Living Room Can Do

Windows are a focus of attraction in any room automatically.  They have their on visual impact. Window treatments of the living room can enhance the architectural features of the space and can bring in a certain form of a rhythm.

Designers follow different styles of decor from traditionalrusticindustrial to modern. They do window treatments according to these styles. Above all barren and empty windows give the living room an unfinished look.

Interior deign process tackle many areas within a space to make them attractive, functional and beautiful. Windows are an essential element in the room and they are decorated with care and focus.

This is How window curtains for living room can transform space

1: Window Curtains bring life, color and style to the room

Window fabric designs can be very attractive and eye catchy. Colors have a strong impact on human psychology. We all love colors. The living room curtains with their smartly chosen color scheme and textures can change the look of the living room. Different layers of fabric with their own design character (Patterns, colors, textures) can present a stylish statement of the living room.

2: Window curtains can make a room look smaller or larger

Window curtains definitely can impact on how your living room space can look. Window curtains fabric with its thickness, vibrant colors, design and intricate or bold pattern can make your living room look smaller.

Darker colors are also proven way to make room look smaller. But a lot more depends on the overall size of the living room and its windows also. In modern architectural construction style the average window is 6 feet wide and this is a good size to impact any space.

To cut things short, its just not the curtain design alone that can impact living room to look smaller or larger, there are other factors also. But either ways window curtains for living room hold the power the change how big or small room can look.

3: Window curtains can make living room look spacious

Don’t be surprised, window curtains can make living room look spacious also. All depends on the two key design factors that decorators use for their advantage.

Number way is that they select sheer curtains as their main curtain fabric. The quality of the sheer fabric is its semi transparent look. Sheer fabrics are made of finer threads with transparent weave style. The second is that the thicker fabric curtains are always tied to the edges leaving the sheer curtains (Main curtains) exposed. This makes the diffused light enter the living room. This help the living room to look spacious.

4: Make you living room look taller

You can easily change the look of your living room by increasing the length of the curtains. All you have to do is just hand them closer from the ceiling and let the bottom of curtains fall a bit more to the floor. Doing this will draw the eye to look to the ceiling from where the curtains are hung, thus creating the illusion of a taller room.

5: Bring in the feeling of warmth

Fabrics can make rooms look cozy. The feeling of warmth can easily be created in your living room by just layering your window curtains with different textured fabrics. Select a color of living room curtains that blends well with the decorating theme is also important.

Certain colors have the quality to give a warmer feel and look. You can use different textures (Jute, wool, cotton blends) and thickness of window curtains to bring in warmth and coziness. You can easily transform living room space specially in winters by doing so.

6: Make your living room look stylish and luxurious

There are variety of curtains stitching and drapery style available in the market. You can transform your living room space by using elegant curtain making styles. From panel style curtain to roman blinds curtain styles surely can change the look of the room.

You can browse internet for getting the reference for various curtains stitching styles. Or you can now easily order your curtain from websites offering custom made curtains according to your window sizes.

Window Curtain for Living Room – Final Thoughts

Living room is a space to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends.  We all try to decorate our living rooms with ways that can get attraction and admiration. From furniture, artwork, decorating style, color palette to window curtains all contribute in transforming the space into a great ambiance.

Window curtains play their part in making magic happen. Interior designers select curtain fabrics and the curtain styles carefully. They notice every detail in making window treatments for living room work to perfection. You can try the above mentioned ways in treating your windows and transform the living room space the way you want.

Written By: Soha

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